First-class service in retail trading.


First-class service in retail trading.

Build up consumers’ trust. With the right management software, you only have to concentrate on giving unrivalled service.

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Do you want to see your business prosper? The solution may be in the POS (point of sale).

Proximity. Personalised service. A relationship built on trust… these are the marks of distinction in the small retail business.

Does your proximity business provide that link with the consumer?
Don’t worry about counting items. Forget about complicated accounts for managing promotional campaigns. Do away with Cash Flow management headaches.

The TlimTM solution is everything you need to be able to concentrate on providing excellent service. Charm your customers with the quality of your service. That’s what they’re looking for in a small business!

Play your part in making the retail sector more dynamic. The point-of-sale management software TlimTMcan help you: 

  • Intuitive management of items
  • Promotional campaigns that are easy to manage
  • Simple cash register operations
  • Control of customer and supplier accounts
  • Low investment
Provide a service that makes a difference, with a solution that speeds up operations.

Show your customers that you’re in the vanguard of technology. Provide a service that makes a difference, with a solution that speeds up operations. Your customers will appreciate the speed and efficiency of your service. And your business will have better results.

Give your business a boost with TlimTM: 

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen solution
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Product certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority
  • Access to continuous updates
  • Guaranteed permanent compliance with legal and tax obligations
  • Technical support guaranteed by more than 500 partners in various countries
Learn how to have access to this solution.

Choose this model and reduce your initial investment.

This solution is available for installation by means of a subscription. This means that when subscribing to the product you will have access to a temporary usage license (biannual, annual or two-year).

The subscription includes access to the software, as well as all updates and maintenance work, during the chosen access period. To access the solution, simply subscribe through our partnership network.

Dedicate your time to earning your customers’ loyalty. Sales operations are fast. And very simple.

You no longer have to spend your time and energy on operations that can be automated.

With the TlimTM POS solution, cash register operations are fast. The planning and execution of discount and promotional campaigns is simple. Item management and stock control couldn’t be easier. Keep track of your employees in an instant. The whole business is simplified.

And compliance with tax obligations is guaranteed. The solution is certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority (AT) and is continuously updated. So, even if the law changes, you can always be sure that you are complying with all the legal and tax directives that apply to your activity.

Fast processing of everyday logistical operations.

With TlimTM, you efficiently manage all the items you sell in your establishment. Replacements are fast. Stock is optimised.

Colours, sizes, dimensions, families of items, barcodes and other features of the items are handled intuitively, so that you easily know what is available in stock.

Mechanisms that forecast demand help identify your supply needs, so that you neither run out of stock nor have surplus material in your warehouse. The relationship with suppliers is also streamlined. There are mechanisms to support purchase operations and the settlement of outstanding sums in suppliers’ accounts.

Taking inventory is simpler too, with the solution’s support. You also get information on the valuation of stock, taking into account the last cost price.

Simplicity and speed in cash register operations.

Cash register operations are very simple with TlimTM.

An intuitive touch screen simplifies over-the-counter sales operations. Even an untrained operator can easily execute operations such as opening/closing the register, cash in/cash out, float, various types of payments, returns, and exchanges, among others.

By means of an access code, a card with a bar code, magnetic strip, RFID, iButton or other means for controlled access, you always know which employee is responsible for a particular operation.

Sales results can be monitored easily too. The solution provides sales graphs by the hour, day or month. You also have access to statistics on the quantities/values of sales, product costs, profit margin, VAT and other analyses that allow you to run your business better.

Easily promote personalised campaigns for your customers.

Plan and execute problem-free promotional campaigns.

With TlimTM it’s very easy to set special periods with different prices for certain items, quantities of items or customers.

The printing of labels for the items on promotion is easy. The management of customer cards is also intuitive. You can easily attribute points and load them on the customer’s card and convert that value.

Achieve maximum control over your business.

From employee punctuality to the assessment of sales results and control of operating costs, TlimTM gives you all the information you need to management your business efficiently.

Control payments made and received. Access management charts that allow you to consult the current accounts of customers and suppliers. The information provided allows you to manage the available cash and liabilities, so that you can attain a financial balance.

TlimTM can be integrated with the PRIMAVERA ERP thus ensuring a more consolidated management of the areas of Logistics and Cash Management.

Tlim Easy200+ VAT
  • Exclusive POS Management
  • Limited to 1 post and 2 users
  • Includes legal and tax updates
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our suggestionTlimPrice upon request
  • Integrates with ERP and mobile solutions
  • No limitation of the nr. of posts and users
  • Annual subscription depending on the nr. of users
  • Includes legal and tax updates
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