The ERP that allows a 360º vision <br> of construction works

The ERP that allows a 360º vision
of construction works

For the integrated management of your business

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Fast operations. Greater integrated control of execution.

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ERP for the Construction sector makes all construction processes simpler. Execution quicker. You control everything in real time. Give your business a boost with this solution: 

  • Quickly assess tenders and submit bids
  • Present strict budgets and time periods that can be achieved without any margin for delays and cost overruns.
  • Reduce the management costs of materials and human resources
  • Do away with time-consuming processes
  • Get maximum financial control
  • Ensure speedy compliance with all tax and legal requirements
  • Monitor the work in real time
Increase efficiency, from planning to strategic guidance.

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Reduce the complexity that is inherent to the Civil Construction and Public Works sector. Our ERP for the Construction sector is the integrated technology that enhances the profitability of companies in the sector, regardless of their size. 

Get a fast response to all your needs. This is a flexible ERP solution that can be tailored to the most specific processes of each organisation and that guarantees: 

  • A global and integrated management of jobs
  • Speed and security in the budgeting process
  • Speed in the management of tenders
  • Streamlined processes for the acceptance of bids and the management of subcontracted jobs
  • Greater efficiency in supplies - Rigour in planning, execution and control
  • Access to information from anywhere
  • Assertiveness in complying with legal and tax obligations
  • Simplicity in the management of human capital
  • Solid financial management
  • Information to support decision-making
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Maximum efficiency in the management of construction works.

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Boost your results through an integrated management of the operating, administrative and financial processes.

ERP for the Construction sector optimises the management of Construction works, from the tender phase through to the end and the evaluation of its profitability. All facets are integrated through automatic flows of information that simplify processes and accelerate operations – starting with the response to tenders, and including negotiation, contract award, budgeting, planning, execution and control, right up to the profitability analysis.

Increase the efficiency of your business. Optimise the management of construction works with a solution that boosts results.
Maximise results from the very first contact with a potential customer.

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It’s easy to keep up with the negotiation processes, up to the final signing of the contract and the renegotiation of conditions.

Our ERP is an integrated solution that simplifies the systematisation of information on the various phases of negotiation for each work or tender. Using the link to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), you can quickly organise contacts, log the activities carried out, file documents, manage the value of the bids and analyse information on your competition.

Know your business portfolio in detail. Easily find the information that allows you to optimise marketing campaigns. With this solution, you can easily consult the estimated value of your business portfolio by project type, by customer or geographical area, etc. You also have access to various analyses on sales performance.

Simplify budgeting, with rigour and speed.

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Easily structure the various resources that will be used on a job. Get a precise calculation of the costs of execution. Speed up the request for quotes. Streamline the comparison of bids. 

Our ERP for the Construction sector integrates and simplifies the entire budgeting process. A simple and intuitive price structure (cost database) allows you to process prices by units (simple prices) or grouped into categories – Personnel, Equipment, Materials and Miscellaneous.

Get quantitative, qualitative and percentage analyses of the estimated resources for each project, through a flexible structure of Performance Files. Simplify the preparation of cost budgets, sales budgets and rebudgeting.

Be sure, too, of the feasibility of the budgets presented. This solution has automatic validation mechanisms that alert you to errors in budgeting. For example, abnormally high or low prices, prices that are below cost and missing quantities, along with other inaccuracies.

Prepare, receive and compare bids with maximum flexibility.

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Speed up the management of bids for tenders. Our ERP for the Construction sector is an integrated management solution that simplifies the management of tenders, both from the point of view of the owner as well as from that of the contractor.

Prepare, receive and compare bids quickly. This ERP simplifies the management of all the information related to the tenders, whether from a perspective of creating bids, or from a perspective of their being received, compared and accepted.

Do away, too, with the time-consuming administrative processes associated with the management of tenders. Our ERP for the Construction sector automates processes such as simultaneous requests for quotations from various suppliers, the reception of bids, the automatic comparison of prices and their acceptance, activating the corresponding subcontracting jobs or purchase documents in the area of Logistics.

If you have access to the competing bids, this solution allows you to easily compare your bid with that of your competitor. This helps you to identify areas for improvement and opens the way to successful bids in the future.

Do away with the administrative burden of managing orders and subcontracted jobs.

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Enjoy more streamlined negotiation with suppliers. The mechanism for analysing prices gives you a set of analyses related to alterations in the cost of resources. By applying K factors or margins on your resources, you get data that allow you to optimise negotiations with suppliers and make the best business deals.

As an example, with this integrated management solution you quickly see the weight an alteration in the unit price of a resource would have on the overall budget. And you can just as simply see what the resulting gain would be from a percentage discount or what the consequences would be of an increase in the cost/hour for a category of personnel.

Do away with the administrative processes that hinder productivity. With our ERP for the Construction sector you can automatically award orders, based on quotations, and directly create subcontracted jobs from the project clauses or following calls for prices.

At the same time, speed up the administrative control of subcontracted jobs. The solution integrates and streamlines the management of documents and personnel management, by issuing alerts on the expiry dates of licences and employee time clocks, for example.

Build up your customers’ trust.

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Missed deadlines are a constant concern in the Civil Construction and Public Works sector. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With strict planning, it is possible to present a timetable for the works that is feasible, realistic and executable.

Our ERP for the Construction sector also helps you with time management. Thanks to the integration with specific planning tools (MS Project, Open Project and others), timetables and schedules are quick and easy to obtain.

From the financial point of view, planning and management control is optimised. Payment plans, financial schedules, resource plans, and loading charts for personnel and equipment are at your fingertips.
Fast supplies.

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Make material management more dynamic. As an integrated management solution, our ERP for the Construction sector also has a mechanism that integrates logistics and ensures that you have a high level of control over stocks. They also guarantee increased productivity, because they do away with redundant administrative operations that are time consuming and highly susceptible to errors.

Speed up your procurement operations. Issue calls for quotations to various suppliers, all at the same time. Easily compare the bids and quickly place your orders. The operations are integrated, eliminating redundancies and wasted time.

The supply processes are fast, whether you’re talking about an order to a supplier, an internal requisition or a transfer between warehouses.

Have thorough accounting control over completed and unfinished work.

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Know exactly the amount of work already executed and its value, at all times. Control the execution of the work through records of physical measurements and reports of amounts to be invoiced.

Whether you are the project owner, the contractor or a subcontractor, our ERP for the Construction sector makes it easier to monitor the progress of the work. This solution helps you record and process the measurements of the awarded values already executed and the amounts to be invoiced, through the Measurement Reports.

Easily monitor progress with mechanisms that allow you to define values of execution and invoicing, according to the quantities, percentages and amounts of pre-established costs or contracted sales price.

Streamline the management of Extra Work or Less Work. Managing additional contracts for unforeseen work couldn’t be easier. Simplify the processing and calculation of the amounts of withholding and deductions that apply to the values in the Reports.

Speedy calculation and revision of prices, according to the legislation.

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Speed up the Price Revision processes. Automatically access values for the revision and the corresponding adjustment coefficients from the Payment Plan, Measurement Reports, Advance Payments or other data.

You can also easily issue explanatory documents on the data taken into consideration for the calculation of the results.

Do away with all the time-consuming processes. Quickly import the revision indices in digital format.

Get the maximum profitability out of your equipment.

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Boost the profitability of each piece of equipment with efficient maintenance management. Increase operational capacity through preventative maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, safeguarding the safety of the operators and respecting the international standards for equipment maintenance.

Quickly restore operational capacity in the case of a breakdown. Our ERP for the Construction sector integrates with Valuekeep, a solution that monitors breakdowns and where incidents are logged from anywhere, interventions are scheduled on the technical teams’ work charts, and maintenance costs are kept under control.

It’s easy to check the history of breakdowns, their causes and consequences, actions taken, the means involved, downtimes and the related costs. With this information, you can quickly see the profitability of the equipment.

Simplify personnel management: processes that are fast and sure.

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Speed up the administrative process of personnel management. Automate the processing of salaries. Streamline the management of contract and work ties. Do away with redundant and unproductive administrative operations.

Our ERP for the Construction sector is a powerful management solution that also integrates with the PRIMAVERA Human Resources management solution, offering automated features that do away with time-consuming processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency in the administrative management of human capital.

Streamline compliance with legal and tax obligations. The solution automatically fills in and sends reports and official tax statements in effect in various markets.

And you don't have to worry about changes in legislation either. PRIMAVERA's solutions are continuously updated, so you can give your fullest attention to your business.

Enjoy strict control over the costs and earnings of each job.

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Access multidimensional analyses that give you a thorough knowledge of each contract job. Even the most complex analysis scenarios are quickly dealt with in this integrated management solution, with the great advantage of you being able to detail in the control summary panel with the movements that gave rise to the values shown.

Simplify your company’s entire financial management – starting with cash flow management, banks, current accounts, cost centres, tax reports, consolidation of results and performance management – through this fully integrated and global ERP for the Construction sector.

Increase productivity. All the information automatically flows, doing away with repetitive operations.

Boost results with solid and rigorous financial management.

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A profitable, prosperous business with a future is not built on hunches.

Access reliable information to support strategic decisions. Our ERP for the Construction sector offers you countless charts and reports in real time, with a variety of analyses on the progress of your business.

Reduce operating costs by ensuring the supply process runs to maximum efficiency. The solution provides mechanisms that calculate needs and automatically compares bids, allowing you to make the best purchasing decisions.

Have detailed knowledge of your business portfolio too. Access project summary tables with analyses on the works in progress and their corresponding profitability. The costs for material, labour and effective margins. Get analyses of cash flow, statements of payments, account balances, personnel costs and all the information you need to ensure first-class financial management.

Optimise the award process.Speedier sub-works contract management.

Award sub-works contracts rapidly. The automatic proposal comparison mechanisms allows you to take speedy decisions and always based on consolidated information.

Get rid of the administrative burden. PRIMAVERA Construction provides sound price analysis mechanisms which optimise proposal control and sub-works contracts' negotiation.

Optimise the award process.
Strict financial control of each Project/Works.Find out the costs and income in detail.

Get a precise idea of which Projects/Works you should concentrate your efforts and investment on. Consolidate the investment strategies with reliable information to support decision-making.

Easily identify the consumption associated with each Project/Works: the resources involved, the requisitions made, the invoices generated, the advances and bank guarantees, the subsidies and financing.

Strict financial control of each Project/Works.
Accelerate the return on investment.Extract the maximum profitability of each Asset.

Increase availability and the durability of your assets and facilities with Valuekeep.

Optimize performance organization with a solution that allows it to extract the maximum profitability of each asset.

Effortlessly comply with the international maintenance standards. Further speed up the work of the teams and reduce maintenance costs with a simple and intuitive solution, that speeds up processes.

Do you still manually manage all purchasing processes?

You don't need to spend time or resources on requests, approvals, requests for quotation, evaluation of proposals, registration of orders and other processes time-consuming purchasing management.

See how simple it is to automate the entire process with applications developed quickly on OMNIA Platform.

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