Free your business from the tethers that are hampering its growth.

Free your business from the tethers that are hampering its growth.

Discover the management solution that makes SMEs stronger.

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Businesses with a future cannot be built with solutions from the past. With the right technology, your business has more than enough room to grow.

Never before has a central management system played such an active role in value creation. Now you can increase productivity and keep up with market demands through your management software.

The PRIMAVERA Professional solution is the driving force behind SMEs that demand success as the end result. A technology that can be used in both Cloud and on-the-premises environments simplifies access to information. Operations are faster. Data are more rigorous. And teams are more productive.

Free your business from the tethers that are hampering its growth with the PRIMAVERA Professional ERP:

  • Discover your company's hidden productivity
  • Get maximum profitability from all your resources
  • Cut operating costs
  • Respond rapidly to opportunities
All the information you need always at your fingertips.

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The PRIMAVERA Professional solution boosts results through productivity mechanisms. Operations are fast. Processes are secure. And the information is reliable. Business gets done faster. Results are more impressive. Discover a management solution that guarantees you: 
  • All the information you need always at your fingertips
  • Greater profitability, new business opportunities
  • Reliable compliance with tax obligations
  • Ease of use and straightforward adaptation to your business's rules
  • Faster operations, more reliable information
  • Greater efficiency
  • Full control over your business
  • Easily adaptable to any type of activity and business model
  • Continuous automatic updates

Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution.

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises. With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.

Pay only for what you use.

With the SaaS (software as a service) model, you do not need to acquire and install the software. Access is performed from an internet-connected device following the acquisition of a temporary usage license.

The use of this solution does not require an initial investment. Through payment of a monthly fee, you gain access to the software including its continuous maintenance and updates.
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Stay one step ahead of the competition. Get the right tools to implement your business strategies.

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Simplify the management of your Contacts and Business Portfolio.

Turn information from customers and potential customers into business opportunities. The solution helps you create a daily schedule of activities that are better aligned with your goals, making it easy for you to monitor every opportunity.

Get a sales force that is focused on opportunities with potential.

All the processes in marketing and pre-sales, sales, after-sales service and customer loyalty are integrated. This means you can create and execute more profitable business strategies.

Give your Sales Force the tools they need to be more proactive and achieving.

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In the sales are of the PRIMAVERA Professional ERP, you will find everything you need to make selling easy, quick and efficient.

Simple, intuitive tools speed up over-the-counter sales operations, ensuring your customers have a pleasant buying experience.

The solution additionally ensures you comply with all the legal and tax obligations associated with your business activity, simply and with the utmost rigour. Similarly, it ensures that your company's business rules are respected, through document approval flows that guarantee maximum rigour in every operation.

Issuing, receiving and filing business documents with accounting value (such as invoices and debit or credit notes) can be done easily and very quickly. Administrative efficiency and data security are guaranteed by a complementary electronic transaction solution.

Fast accounting operations. Speed and rigour in response to tax issues.

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Enjoy rigorous accounting and fast responses to the demands of legislation and tax regulations.

Simplify operations. Speed up execution and get maximum rigour in your accounts. The PRIMAVERA Professional solution streamlines the entire accounting process: from the logging of documents to budget management, and from the drafting of accounting plans by financial year to the calculation of profits.

And you no longer need to worry about changes to the law or tax regulations.
The solution automatically fills in and submits charts, models and official documents as required in markets such as Portugal, Spain, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. And it keeps you constantly up-to-date with any changes in legislation and tax regulations too.

Get sound cash management and rigorous financial management.

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Fast and efficient. The automatic management of Current Accounts and Cash Transactions means you can manage your company's available funds and financial responsibilities with the utmost rigour and efficiency.

Speed is ensured by the automatic processing of liquidation, transfer and offsetting of accounts, posting of pendings, advance payments and any other cash transactions. Efficiency is guaranteed thanks to automatic processes that eliminate errors and failings in the inputting of documents.

Get even greater efficiency in bank communications. All file types are supported. Errors and failings in communications are eliminated too, thanks to the automatic communication of bank documents and reconciliation with online or electronic statements.

Optimise the strategic management of your investment budget.

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What if you knew exactly where the company's resources are being used?

Would it be easier to establish investment priorities and streamline the return on your money?

With this solution, obtaining financial control over ongoing projects and works could not be easier. The information is organised in an intuitive manner that lets you stay abreast of the details of all your projects and works, manage budgets, monitor progress and estimate costs.

And you also get in-depth financial control over ongoing activity, from the perspective of costs, profits and cash flow.

Free yourself from the administrative weight of Human Resource management.

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Are you still devoting resources to the administrative management of your Human Capital?
Save time. Eliminate errors. Put an end to worries.

With PRIMAVERA Professional, you can automate operations that are both time-consuming and liable to errors. Process salaries and other remunerations automatically, as well as contribution and deduction systems, retainers, commissions, compensation and other costs.

Be fast and assertive in the management of your employment contracts. The solution simplifies the entire contract management process, from controlling trial periods to contract renewals and terminations.

Easily identify your training needs. There is also a cloud-based version of the Employee and Manager Self-Service solution that provides your staff with quick and easy access to their personal details and expense records, as well as letting them send requests through to the company using any device with an internet connection. The approval workflows and the mechanisms for automatic integration with the ERP ensure speed and precision in the administrative management of personnel.

» Find out more about PRIMAVERA Human Resource Management

Simplify asset management from the perspectives of accounts, legislation and taxation.

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Managing your company's assets from the point of view of taxation and accounts can be easy, if you choose the right tools.

Equity, transferred, hired or used assets. PRIMAVERA Professional gives you simple, intuitive tools with which to record purchases, calculate depreciation, post reassessments, revaluation and impairment losses, and log repairs, disposals and write-downs.

The solution lets you keep abreast of every tiny detail of your company's assets, from values and depreciation parameters to earnings reinvested, and even financing projects and insurance.

Fulfil your tax obligations with speed and rigour. The solution simplifies the issuing of tax charts. It supports legal justifications and covers all the national and international accounting standards (IFRs).

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