Sound performance from planning through to reporting.


Sound performance from planning through to reporting.

The management solution that consolidates the results of large organisations.

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Did you know that every software update is worth at least 35% of the solution's value?

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Is it expensive adapting your management system to never-ending changes in tax regulations, legislation and technology? Is it complicated getting sound support information from your system to help in your strategic decision-making? Are you spending more time preparing your reports than analysing the results?

Discover how to make your strategy even more profitable with a solution that helps you cut costs while maximising your organisation's overall performance.

PRIMAVERA's Executive management solution lets you consolidate performance from planning all the way through to reporting, boosting profitability. With this solution, you are always in a position to continuously monitor the market, keeping your focus on results.

  • Low TCO
  • Continuous updates
  • Cheap to customise
  • Reporting process made simple
Boost to the maximum performance.

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PRIMAVERA's Executive ERP is a comprehensive management solution that helps large organisations perform better. Noteworthy features include:
  • Optimal streamlining of processes and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Extremely adaptable with low customisation costs
  • Can be integrated with all your other business processes
  • Fast response to tax issues
  • Continuous updating
  • Consolidated information about the business can be obtained quickly and easily
  • Reporting is quick and easy
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution. 

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises.
With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.

Pay only for what you use.

With the SaaS (software as a service) model, you do not need to acquire and install the software. Access is performed from an internet-connected device following the acquisition of a temporary usage license.

The use of this solution does not require an initial investment. Through payment of a monthly fee, you gain access to the software including its continuous maintenance and updates.
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Turn contacts into customers who value and recommend your products and services.

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Boost profits from the very first contact with potential customers.

The PRIMAVERA Executive ERP makes it much easier to turn contacts into real business opportunities. Numerous automatic functions and a very simply-organised, intuitive schedule help you create leads and realise opportunities.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers too. This solution streamlines the implementation of marketing and engagement strategies appropriate to different targets.

Convert your customers' insights into a competitive advantage that will put you ahead of your rivals. The solution helps you communicate value at exactly the right moment. In other words, precisely when the customer is keen to invest.

Increase revenue. Get to know the mechanisms that improve the results of your commercial teams.

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Eliminate unnecessary administrative operations in your sales processes.

Get more business and do it faster, with a solution that speeds up your processes. Give your customers a pleasant buying experience that they will want to repeat, share and recommend.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business rules are being followed to the letter in every sales channel. This solution helps you define, implement and control your business rules.

And it makes accessing information so much easier – everything you need to know, anywhere and anytime. See how your commercial teams are doing on your tablet or your smartphone.

Give your customers service that's second to none.

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Earn customer loyalty through the quality and excellence of your after-sales service and technical assistance.

The PRIMAVERA Executive solution lets you respond to customers' requests quickly and effectively.

Optimise your organisational and planning capacity. Requests for assistance and the organisation of technical teams are handled automatically by the solution based on the most appropriate criteria for your company.

The management of after-sales and retainer contracts is also made simpler with mechanisms that control length, applicable rules and the conditions for renewal and termination. Additionally, the solution streamlines the invoicing of contracts thanks to the Automatic Invoicing Plan function.

Simplify the recording of data, optimise the management of resources and get consolidated information fast.

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Don't get bogged down in administrative tasks. Automate crucial operations and get greater rigour and precision in your accounting data.

With PRIMAVERA Executive, all your administrative processes can be carried out faster, from logging documents to budget control and even reporting.

A Cost Centre structure gives you total control over the distribution of your budget. It also streamlines your control processes through mechanisms that help you calculate costs, make projections and analyse results.

Additionally, this solution lets you speed up your response to tax-related issues and obtain consolidated accounting information.

Optimise payments made and received. Get reliable cash management.

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Simplify the management of accounts payable and accounts receivable and get full control over cash flow with a solution that streamlines cash management operations.

Standardise procedures, automate processes and eliminate errors in bank communications. Numerous automatic functions speed up your processes and guarantee rigorous financial management. These include offsetting of accounts, batch liquidations and the respective automatic integration in Cash and Bank management, automatic postings based on the bank statement and many others.

The solution also helps you streamline complicated cash collection and credit awarding processes, reducing situations of default.

And with the support of the PRIMAVERA Executive solution you can maximise your organisation's overall performance too. The facility to simulate scenarios and create Provisional Cash Management Plans enhances your strategic decision-making capacity with regard to attracting and investing financial resources.

Streamline operations. Cut administrative costs. Focus on enhancing the value of your staff.

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Strengthen your empowerment strategies with a solution that streamlines the administrative management of human resources, letting you focus on continually enhancing the value of your staff.

The automatic processes that simplify operations allow you to achieve maximum efficiency in payroll processes, eliminate errors and the costs of managing contracts and employee agreements, and streamline training processes.

There is also a cloud-based version of the Employee and Manager Self-Service solution that provides your staff with quick and easy access to their personal details and expense records, as well as letting them send requests through to the company using any device with an internet connection. The approval workflows and the mechanisms for automatic integration with the ERP ensure speed and precision in the administrative management of personnel.

» Find out more about PRIMAVERA Human Resource Management

Simplify and speed up all your accounting and tax operations in Asset Management.

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Are you still spending time and effort dealing with the administrative aspects of asset management?

Speed things up. With the PRIMAVERA Executive solution, the accounting, tax and legal aspects of assets are handled with ease and precision throughout the entire life cycle of your assets, from registering purchases to calculating depreciations, posting revaluations, logging repairs, disposals and write-downs.

Make your response to tax matters more dynamic too. Operations are simplified thanks to numerous auto-fill and delivery mechanisms for official documents.

You can also simulate various depreciation scenarios that will help you identify the best way to take advantage of any tax benefits that may be available in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Get rigorous financial control over all of your organisation's projects and works.

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Know exactly which projects and works should be the focus of your effort and investment.

Consolidate your investment strategies with trustworthy decision-making support information. The PRIMAVERA Executive solution lets you easily identify the costs, profits and profitability of all your projects and works.

With this solution, obtaining financial control over ongoing projects and works could not be easier.

Easily identify the consumables used on all your projects and works: the resources involved, the requisitions made, the invoices generated, advance payments and bank guarantees, subsidies and funding. And this is in addition to all the data that will give you an overall perspective and high levels of control.

In-depth analytical capacity.Stay one step ahead of the competition. Understand the messages your business is sending you.

Know the business better than anyone. Effortlessly access a series of dashboards offering structured analyses that tell you how your business is performing.

The Business Analytics solution gives you access to a series of ready-to-use dashboards that provide you with detailed information on your business's performance. Understand the subliminal messages hidden behind the numbers, with the support of the analyses provided. 

In-depth analytical capacity.
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